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Farrington Cares, PLLC was established to increase access to health care and increase knowledge and confidence for self-care and optimal management of their health needs.  Servicing anyone ages 10 years and older.

Doctor's Office
Lab Experiment
Doctor's Visit

Physical Examination

Taking Care of You

This visit is one of the most important and valuable encounters one will have with their healthcare provider.  This visit is where the patient-provider relationship is established and then builds.

Health Education

The Care You Deserve

If you or a family member desires reinforcement of your plan of care for specific illness or disease process.

Acute Care Problem Visit

Self-care with a little assistance

Colds, ear infections, sore throats, neck pain are just a few things that may resolve with time alone.  However, they too can develop into a problem with long-term adverse effects on quality of life. Every illness is unique and warrants a thorough evaluation and, at the very least, a conversation if a resolution is not timely.  Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.



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