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About Farrington Cares


Our Mission

Improving population health by increasing access to quality health care, increasing personal health knowledge, and reinforcing the values and importance of the medical home.

Our Vision

High quality and affordable healthcare for all.  Fostering partnerships with communities – committing to improving health outcomes, while ensuring affordable and timely access to a trusted healthcare provider.

Farrington Cares, P.L.L.C. (Farrington Cares) launched in October of 2019. We provide high-quality mobile health care services in communities and to increase public knowledge about health.  Additionally, Farrington Cares will aid with the navigation of the U.S. healthcare system in hopes of decreasing the financial strain on our healthcare system, as reflected by the high cost of insurance, costly healthcare services, and co-pays – all of which does not translate to a healthy population. 

Farrington Cares is capable of providing primary care services; however, the focus is on supplementing patient education provided by the “medical home," which reinforces confidence for self-care.  Confidence in self-care optimizes the management of acute and chronic health conditions.  Farrington Cares will be a bridge between the public and the “medical home” or medical practice that is presently in existence to maintain strong, healthy communities. 


Farrington Cares's aim is to increase access to care with a special interest in those who are underinsured - have health insurance, but it's still too costly to use. We also provide consultations via phone, face-to-face via video, or in-person.  Services are provided for people that are of school-age years and older.  The crux of our practice is health promotion and disease prevention while addressing acute and chronic conditions that may or may not have already been diagnosed. Visits are accommodated by appointment only.

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